Greenhill Dragon Boxing Gloves Training Sparring Muay Thai Bag Pad Fight MMA UFC

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Key Features

  • Flexible Multi-layered foam padding gloves with shining synthetic leather. 
  • Ventilation holes in palm side keep them cool during training. 
  • These gloves are made with quality mold as used in our top class gloves range. 
  • Wide Velcro straps makes gloves easy to put on and provide a firm grip on wrist.
  • Designed for novice athletes with additional softness provide extra cushion to young bones.
  • One of best fitting gloves that provide safety and protection with reinforced protection against injuries
  • Better comfort as well as increased thumb protection with the Thumb Lock.
  • Velcro wrist straps for an excellent wrist support coupled with an ease of taking the gloves on and off.
  • Special multi layered padding for shock absorption.
  • Water protection with sophisticated and refined stitching for longer durability


Boxing and Martial arts are contact sports in which both the fighters have to rely entirely upon the sheer supremacy of their fists, so the protection comes primary for boxers competing at either amateur or professional level.
Green Hill offer cushioned protection to the fists, which absolutely crucial whether you’re training or competing in a professional bout. Safety and protection is the first priority before selecting boxing gloves for amateur boxer. Incorrect punching as well as unprotected hands will leads to arthritis, weakened joints, weakened muscles and decreased functionality of the hands over time.
A good pair of boxing gloves will be comfortable and will fit in your hand around the wrist and fingers. A high quality gloves will withstand a punch time and time again without losing its cushioning qualities.
Green Hill boxing gloves have gained immense demand by boxers. These gloves are uniquely designed with a curved anatomical grip that leads to extreme fit and comfort. Special leather has been used in the making of these gloves to enhance strength and durability. If you are an amateur boxing player and are hoping to make it to professional ring someday, you’ll need a perfect pair of Green Hill boxing gloves.
Apart from perfect fitting green hill boxing gloves available in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and quality to match your preference. Green Hill Sport’s offers a range of high-performance boxing gloves. These are suitable for all kinds of boxing players ranging from amateur to professional

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